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The Garbutt + Dumas Real Estate Podcast

Oct 29, 2020

Timing is a key factor when purchasing or selling a property.

James and Denny ask each other questions that have been sent into the podcast regarding real estate and the selling process in today’s market.

This episode will focus on mortgage deferrals and the effect that they will have on property prices moving...

Oct 11, 2020

Real estate agents are relied upon to offer their clients guidance when buying or selling property.

James and Denny answer questions about offer negotiations and share how they help their clients navigate through this process.

This episode will focus on paying over asking price, the proper mindset when trying to buy...

Jul 31, 2020

With so many amazing places to live in Greater Vancouver where would a Real Estate agent buy their dream home?

James and Denny ask each other questions as they go over their favorite cities and neighborhoods and talk about where they would be willing to move to start a new life.

The episode will focus on James's and...